E-Commerce Marketing

It pays to shop around

We are now shopping online more than ever, and all the signs seem to indicate that this will only increase. Fortunately, RH has vast experience in helping retail businesses grow and take advantage of the fast-changing commercial environment. Utilising our knowledge of the online marketplace we have learnt a few tricks about making PPC, Google Shopping & Social Media work harder for retailers, building revenue, increasing brand reputation and helping to launch new products in very competitive markets.

Our approach isn’t just built on technical media expertise. As with all our clients, we seek to work collaboratively with e-commerce businesses to gain an in-depth understanding of their products and audiences. This allows us to work as a valuable extension to in-house marketing and sales teams.

If you are involved in e-commerce, talk to RH and see how we can help drive sales online and grow your business.

A great team and knowledgeable people who always strive to help us deliver effective campaigns in an extremely competitive market.