Social Media

Let’s get Social!

Social Media have become the go-to channels of choice in a world dominated by smartphones and mobile internet.

Young or old, there are very few people who don’t interact across some form of Social Network regularly. Whether checking in with friends on Facebook, posting photos on Instagram, or updating a CV on LinkedIn, Social Media offers a fantastic opportunity to engage with audiences in their favoured digital hangouts.

When used effectively, Social channels can help meet the objectives of just about any business – there’s a lot more to it than just gaining Likes and amassing Followers!

We love using Social to prospect new customers for clients, and places like Facebook and Instagram are ideal for introducing new products or dipping an exploratory toe into new markets. Social Networks are great places to sell to customers too.

So, whether your business is seeking to increase visibility and market share, or wants to drive website conversions directly, we can help Social Media can form a key part of your marketing strategy.

We see them (RH) as an extension of our in-house marketing team and their creativity and services have helped us raise the bar significantly. They keep us well-informed, on budget and on time, and provide very detailed post campaign results and learning.