Experts in Education

Engaging with students for over twenty years

From co-ordinating international university marketing, promoting regional Open Days, launching new Medical Schools, generating leads for blue-chip MBA programmes, providing agile management of Clearing inventory, or getting more young people involved in apprenticeships, RH has first-class educational experience.

We believe that education marketing is built on a simple principle – Understanding. Understanding of your provision, objectives, and challenges. Pair that with an appreciation of your audience’s motivations, needs, and expectations and you have a very effective arsenal.

Working closely with clients we can develop an effective marketing strategy. Typically, this starts by moving away from the established cycle of academic recruitment. Instead, our team tailors an audience-first approach which adapts to the changing ways students choose to research and engage with educational organisations.

As a full-service agency, we can draw upon all media touch-points – from mass broadcast media such as posters, press, and radio through to digital channels and social media –with the aim of creating a truly integrated strategy.

A great team and knowledgeable people who always strive to help us deliver effective campaigns in an extremely competitive market.