Plymouth University

Opening opportunities in Plymouth

Since 2000 RH has worked with the University of Plymouth planning and buying their media across all channels. This year-round activity focusses on key periods during the recruitment cycle promoting

  • Open Days
  • UCAS deadline dates
  • Clearing

By maintaining a high-profile presence in Plymouth’s core recruitment area, we are able to keep the university front of mind for potential students, parents and influencers.

Open Day Brief

We are regularly tasked with delivering a high volume of Open Day registrations through 5 key dates during the year. The quality of the registrants is paramount.

As the campaign progresses, precise monitoring and constant contact with the university enables us to react nimbly to registration numbers and adjust accordingly.


Our campaigns delivered two thirds of all Open Day registrations through our activity. We increased the conversion rate of registrants to attendees. Finally, the Open Day target was exceeded with a significant growth.

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