Lancaster University

Positioning Lancaster as a top 10 university

The Brief

As a top 10 university, Lancaster University enters Clearing and Adjustment with vacancies for a select range of undergraduate degree programmes.

While recruitment of high calibre students remains a priority, the Clearing and Adjustment period also represents a fantastic opportunity to build on the reputation of the university and communicate the key reasons why students aspire to study there.

Our Solution

RH treated Clearing as an opportunity to reach out to high calibre students yet to make a firm decision about their study options, as well as encouraging those who had performed better than expected in their A Levels to revise their university choices.

We harnessed a full range of digital media options spanning Search, Social and Retargeting networks to achieve a dominant market position throughout the lead up and during Clearing, allowing us to reach and influence prospective students throughout the applicant journey.

With programme vacancies changing throughout Clearing day itself, RH devised a fluid and flexible digital strategy that gave us the ability to respond to Lancaster University’s evolving requirements. Our ability to react and adapt to real-time information kept the leads and calls generated by the campaign valuable, and our messaging relevant to our audience as they engaged with Clearing content across Social networks.

Our approach paid off. All programme vacancies were filled, and Lancaster University exited the Clearing and Adjustment process just 24 hours after A Level results were released.

With all activity integrating into the University’s own reporting system and through extensive post-campaign analysis, Lancaster University are in a great place moving toward next year’s recruitment cycle.

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