Making the Most of Mobile – Five Ways to Optimise Your Facebook Ads

Click here to add your own textAs an ever-increasing amount of business gets done on mobile, it only made sense for Facebook to introduce a new range of mobile-specific creative tools to their Ads Manager.

Last year mobile advertising revenue exceeded five billion pounds and it’s now easier than ever before to create and edit dynamic ads on the go. However, it takes more than just pressing the publish button to make sure your campaign drives results.

Here are five easy ways you can optimise your mobile Facebook ads:

Always A/B Test

One common mistake that advertisers make is that they assume their first (or only) creative is all that’s needed to achieve strong levels of engagement. Yet, without finding out what really resonates with your audience, how can you be 100% confident your campaign is going to help you reach your end goal?

Facebook’s split test function enables you to test campaign variables against each other to see what combination encourages the most engagement. Just a slight change in headline copy or imagery can mean significantly different results. You can test delivery optimisation, target audiences and placements too, so you can be certain you’re reaching the right people, at the right time.

Pick Your Placements Carefully

When at ad set level, think about when and where your ads are going to be shown. If you only want to show your ad to those using a mobile device, then select the right ‘Device Types’ under ‘Edit Placements’. You can also choose to target ‘Mobile Device User’ under the ‘Behaviours’ section.

Alongside placements, it’s a good idea to consider showing your ads on a schedule which reflects peak mobile usage times. For example, when people are traveling to and from work, or when they’re relaxing at home in the evening – your performance report will indicate the best times to show your ads.

Keep Headlines Concise

The purpose of your ad’s headline is to create a reaction and spark an interest in what’s being offered. However, the chances of your ads encouraging people to click that call-to-action button are likely to be lessened if they can’t read all the copy. Too much text can put off potential customers, so keep things short and sweet.

Facebook recommends sticking to 25 characters, including spaces. We’ve mocked up a couple of examples below which show how a text-heavy headline simply doesn’t look great.

Ensure You’ve Got Effective Images

A bright, eye-catching image is essential – it’s the thing that’s going to stop someone from scrolling and start paying attention to your ad. Despite this, many people forget to optimise their images for mobile.

Facebook doesn’t allow more than 20% text in an image and preferably it’ll contain none but, if it’s something you must have, then be sure to use it to your advantage. If a chunk of text crammed full of information takes up the same image space as a few words detailing a discount or offer, which do you think is going to work best at grabbing your target audience’s attention? The latter of course.

The recommended image size (for single image ads) is 1200 x 628 pixels. If you’re unsure how much text is in your image, Facebook has an Image Text Check in their Creative Hub. Remember, the more text your image includes, the fewer people it will reach.

Show Subtitles and Captions

When was the last time you listened to a video out loud in public? Up to 85% of Facebook videos are watched on mute so adding subtitles will mean that your audience can understand your message even when it’s in silence.

To help make them as accessible as possible, Facebook can also automatically add captions to videos when posting from a business page. To set up this handy feature, once you’ve saved your video as a draft all you need to do is click the ‘generate’ button. Just review the captions before saving in case the auto-generator didn’t get it quite right.

(Source: Animoto)

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