Instagram has had a makeover – RH reveals their thoughts on the new logo


This week, Instagram released a new look for their icon and app design as well as for their other creative apps, Layout, Boomerang and Hyperlapse.

The previous, retro-looking camera (and arguably one of the most recognisable App logos alongside Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat) has been replaced by a rainbow-coloured swirl of pink, purple, orange and yellow. The camera element remains, but instead now appears simpler and as a white outline within the combination of colours. According to Instagram this is a better reflection of the community.

A refreshed interface also accompanies the new logo design to help ‘people’s photos and videos shine’. The design is now flatter and ‘cleaner’ whilst fonts are now black in colour and notifications appear orange instead of red.

Instagram said of the update,

‘While the icon is a colourful doorway into the Instagram app, once inside the app, we believe the colour should come directly from the community’s photos and videos. We striped the colour and noise from surfaces where people’s content should take centre stage, and boosted colour on other surfaces like sign up flows and home screens.’

What have the wider digital world made of the update? Well, reactions have been mixed.

Some have likened the new logo to a Powerpoint template…

Digital users aren’t ever particularly fond of change, and changes to a well-loved App logo seems to prove no different.

Here at RH? Well, we’ll have to see if it grows on us…